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How-to: How to display a list of links?

How to display a list of links?

Step 1

Open json file of the pages you want in the list:

+--- pages

Add a new tag in the tag list (here custom-list), and a position in the list:

    "title": "My Page",
    "tags": ["post", "sitemap", "custom-list"],
    "custom.list.position": 10,

Step 2

Open the HTML layout configuration file:

+--- layout
    +--- html.json

Add 2 new entries with the block template path:

    "custom.list": "template/block/custom-list.html",
    "": "template/block/custom-list/link.html",

Step 3

Create the new block template files with the HTML content:

+--- template
   +--- block
      +--- custom-list.html
      +--- custom-list
           +--- link.html

The custom-list.html template contains a query expression to retrieve all the pages with custom-list tag. We limit to the 100 first pages:

    {% ~ tags:custom-list custom.list.position:asc 1:100 %}

The custom-list/link.html template contains the HTML link element:

<li><a href="{{ url }}{{ $_path }}">{{ $title }}</a></li>


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