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How-to: How to update Stapy?

How to update Stapy?

You can get the version you are using by viewing the file or with the VERSION variable in the first lines of the file.

Step 1

Download the latest Stapy release:

Download Stapy 1.18.2 zip

Download Stapy 1.18.2 tar.gz

Step 2

Unzip the archive in the folder you want.

Stapy core

The Stapy core only contains 2 files that should never be modified.

Paste them into the root directory of your Stapy website to erase previous version.


The plugins directory contains all native plugins. Only copy and past the plugins you need.

Compare your plugins directory with the plugins directory of the latest version and take only the plugins you are using.

Warning: Manual editing a native plugin is not recommended. If you want to modify a native plugin to include custom feature, you should rename it.